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> > > Ecology and connectivity are the protagonists of Europain’s Innovation Awards
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Ecology and connectivity are the protagonists of Europain’s Innovation Awards

January 13, 2020
Ecology and connectivity are the protagonists of Europain’s Innovation Awards
Ana Rodríguez

Europain’s Innovation Awards have been given out during the celebration of the fair. 

A committee of experts, composed of professionals from bakery and pastry and the specialized press, has chosen seven products out of 20 nominees: four in the manufacturing category and three in the sales category. In this edition, the jury wanted to recognize those innovations committed to responsible bakery and pastry, connected with the environment, and adapted to current needs.


Winners of the “I manufacture” category

Sofinor waste sorting unit
Sofinor-waste sorting unit

More than a waste management tool, this Sofinor unit, with weight feature, is a means to raise awareness among consumers about the need to limit food waste.

Fun and educational for the youngest, it gives the possibility for restoration professionals to remotely control and classify waste and know how many kilos have been thrown away per service, weeks, or years. In this way, the composition of menus can be optimized.

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Gilac-biological dough containers

The French manufacturer has launched its first range of dough containers made with natural and renewable materials, suitable for intense use in professional environments.

They are equipped with a reversible cover and rounded edges that facilitate cleaning. In addition, they are resistant to knocks.

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VMI-kneader with touch control interface

The VMI Digy touch control panel allows you to control and monitor all the steps of dough production: recipe programming, operation, monitoring … With a very intuitive design, it has been specifically designed to meet the needs of bakers and pastry chefs.

It offers shock resistance, impermeability against moisture and dust from flour, and the Genius EV kneader has two modes of operation: manual and automatic.

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Bellevue- whole wheat flour

Expert Gold GEM 280F is a wheat flour rich in fiber.

It is especially interesting in sandwich bread since the use of this flour can improve the nutritional quality of a product which is well-accepted by most consumers and especially by users who are not familiar with the consumption of bread crust.


Winners of the “I sell” category


OCF- ethereal display cabinet

When designing Perspective, OCF had a clear objective: to create an almost invisible display cabinet to make the products stand out. It combines perfectly with any shop and uses a soft light patented by OCF that reduces shadows and does not transmit heat to products.

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OCF-online display cabinet maintenance

OCF display cabinets can be controlled from a smartphone thanks to the Serenity Connect system. The professional will no longer have to worry about the waste of products, if the vents are blocked, or if the temperature of the counters has increased. This system sends periodic notifications so that action is taken as soon as possible.

Eralux-glass lids that lift up
Eralux-glass lids that lift up

Euralux has single or double glazed glass tops that lift up, with an open/close smooth brake system for traditional or self-service.

This system, with no aluminum frame, is very useful for conserving cold and saving energy. The opening angle is limited to 70 degrees, which allows you to use it freely without knocks.