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WCM 17/18: Chocolate and pastry at Futropolis

September 26, 2016
WCM 17/18: Chocolate and pastry at Futropolis
Jaume Cot

The theme Cacao Barry has proposed for the next edition of World Chocolate Masters goes far beyond a simple, randomly-chosen theme for a competition.

“Futropolis” is based on the growing phenomenon of mega cities. It is speculated that by 2025, more than half of the world’s population will be living in cities with at least 10 million inhabitants. This will mean that certain changes will surely be made to our way of life, work, leisure, and food. Ramon Morató, Creative Director of Cacao Barry, proposes a fairly plausible scenario, “Plants will be grown underground and on the rooftops of cities. Gastronomy will work alongside science and technology to create new multisensorial sensations. Chefs will collaborate with designers, engineers, and scientists to create new forms of edible food packaging and reduce food waste. The creation of foods will focus on the moods and well-being of consumers.”

Well then, imagining how chocolate and pastry in general will be, how it will be made, presented, and tasted in this fundamentally urban environment is the great challenge that the bold professionals who decide to present themselves for the World Chocolate Masters 2017/2018 must face.

The presentation of the theme will take place live and simultaneously in 20 countries around the world, countries which will select their representative for the 2018 grand final through national events.

MWC official poster

MWC official poster 2017/2018


Buffet presentation in Paris with Ramon Morató creations