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January 20, 2015

The award winners of Sirha 2015

January 20, 2015
Ana Rodríguez

The award winners of Sirha 2015

The award winners of Sirha 2015


Ana Rodríguez

The presentation ceremony for the Innovation Awards at Sirha 2015 will take place on the 25th January, but we already know the names of the winners. The list of prize winners proves that products without additives, that are easy to use and that are creative are the foundations of the future of haute cuisine.


Yes, one year on, Sirha is about to get underway and our editorial team will move to Lyon to cover the fair and provide you with detailed reports on all that happens within the Hall, as well as on the two international championships that will take place there, those most awaited by all chefs: the World Pastry Cup, which this year will unfortunately not include a Spanish team, and the Bocuse d’Or.

But for now we are going to focus on the award winners:

Winners in the “Products, drinks and ingredients” category



COOL’EAZE, cromatic and aromatic paintbrushes

The COOL’EAZE range from Daregal, created by Christian Le Squer (3 star Michelin chef), comprises 8 natural aromatic herb coulis, to which a chef can, as well as saving time, add colour, texture and flavour to his plates.





Folion: dehydrated leaves of fruits and vegetables

Dehydrated leaves from fruits (apricot, fig, strawberry, mango and pear) and vegetables (red and yellow pepper), invented by Folion, which concentrate flavours, preserve the nutritional quality of ingredients, and, what’s more, without texturization nor gelling agents. They can be maintained all year round at room temperature, and as they do not contain gluten, lactose or allergens, are suitable for all consumers.




eXOse, grape sugar

Another treasure full of flavour are the sugar jars from eXOse, with 100% grape juice extract, without any preservatives or additives. The range is comprised of eXOse nature, eXOse New Cask and eXOse Old Cask, and is ideal for deglazings, condiments, sorbets, etc., as well as for strengthening flavour, texture and as an acidic regulator.



PCB Création

Vegetable canvas PCB Création

World leader in the creation of sweet decorations, PCB Création introduces a completely new concept to decorate savoury dishes, mark verrines, wrap pastry, and resalt fish or meat.

A canvas that is 100% natural, made from a vegetable base, that contains no colouring nor flavouring, and is available in 4 flavours: carrot, tomato, chicory and parsnip. Its principal selling point is its incredibly delicate texture. It can be adapted to any shape, following curves and angles, covering any surface like a second skin.



Winners of “Equipment and concepts”



FUSIO, the inclined grill

FUSIO, from Eberhardt Freres is an electric infrared grill that, due to its inclination, enables fat to escape from the heat source and not burn. It creates almost no smoke, so that you can cook inside without the need for an extractor fan, leaving the meat tender and juicy.



Rapid Distil


Rapid’ Distil distills perfumed water and essential oils

The procedure is quick and easy. With only ice and a microwave, the Rapid’ Distil from Sens Gourmet separates perfumed water and essential oils from culinary herbs, fruits, spices and flowers, to cook and to put in cocktails and cakes.

Among the other award winners we find, for example, a complete range of “gluten-free” products from Bridor and a perfectly sliced hamburger from Soslice.


Nominated in the category “Products, drinks and ingredients”

  • Debic – Parfait
  • Lesaffre – Les Fournées du Monde
  • Masse – Gourmet foie gras kit
  • Kaviari – Kaviargue
  • Nature & Cie – Gluten-free country loaves
  • Groix & Nature – Lobster oil
  • The Old Friends Company – Cosy
  • Le Coq Noir – Yuzu cream
  • Pain-Petifour Midipain – Gluten-free Pop Art Burger
  • Weiss – Les Sublimes

Nominated in the category “Equipment and concepts”

  • Ecolab – APEX
  • Freeze Rolls – Freeze Rolls
  • Meiko – Wastestar CC
  • Sofinor – Adjustable table
  • Adventys – Induc-Art
  • Cookal – Gourmet Star
  • Chaudronnerie de l’Isère – Chilled plancha
  • Tayso – Wimter 900 Biomass
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