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February 27, 2018

The regional qualifiers for Valrhona C3 are in progress

February 27, 2018
Ana Rodríguez
C3 Desserts Competition

The regional qualifiers for Valrhona C3 are in progress

The regional qualifiers for Valrhona C3 are in progress


Ana Rodríguez

We gradually get to know the name of the eight pastry chefs who will face each other in the grand final of the fifth edition of the restauration dessert competition, Valrhona C3.

After the North American classification, in which Mina Pizarro came out victorious, now is the turn of the regional finals for France, Scandinavia, Spain, and the rest of Europe (from February 27 to March 2), for Italy (from 2 to 3 March), and for Singapore (April 27-29).

The aspirants of each round will have almost six hours to make an original and creative recipe of a plated dessert and another one of molten chocolate with the theme “Madagascan Manjari Grand Cru”, using the dark chocolate of the Terroir Grand Cru range of Valrhona Manjari 64%.


Asia Indonesia Samuel Jonathan
Asia Philippines Michael Aspiras
Asia Korea Justin Lee
Asia Taiwan Julien Perrinet
Asia Japan Fabrizio Fiorani
Asia Indonesia Yusuke Aoki
Italy Italy Michele Cirillo
Italy Italy Mattia Pirlo
Italy Italy Ressa Angelo
Italy Italy Ettore Beligni
Italy Italy Nicolò Trovò
Italy Italy Di Donna Carmine
MOA United Arab Emirates Kanako Baba
MOA Others / South Africa Stephanie Ceronio
MOA United Arab Emirates Laurent Allereau
MOA United Arab Emirates Noeul Amamalin
MOA United Arab Emirates Ryan Harris
MOA United Arab Emirates Rahul Rana
Europe United Kingdom Salvatore Mungiovino
Rest Europe Others / Poland Mariusz Górecki
Rest Europe Ireland Paula Stakelum
Rest Europe United Kingdom Thomas Leatherbarrow
Rest Europe Belgium Nicole Schellekens
Rest Europe Austria Katharina Haslinger
Scandinavia Sweden Patrik Fredriksson
Scandinavia Norway Aleksander Aurstad Olsen
Scandinavia Sweden Weilu Wang
Scandinavia Sweden David Vidal
Scandinavia Norway Jiann Lih Chuah
Spain Spain Libertad Santiago
Spain Spain Julia Moreno Herranz
Spain Spain Sibari Mohamed
Spain Spain Angélica Locantore
Spain Spain Eduardo Llop
Spain Spain Iván Vázquez
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