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Oriol Balaguer designs 2012 Easter

Easter Eggs Oriol Balaguer

March 23, 2012
Alberto Ruiz
Easter Eggs Oriol Balaguer
Oriol Balaguer designs 2012 Easter

It has become a real classic. Every year, the Spanish master chocolatier Oriol Balaguer finds the way to amaze everyone with his Easter egg collection, which he has reinvented once again for the occasion. Inspired by contemporary art, Balaguer reflects disciplines like surrealism, psychedelia and 3D-design in his work, creating highly beautiful pieces.

And as all artisan creations, the eggs do not ever look totally the same, although the differences may seem imperceptible. His work is therefore the combination of excellent skills, technical precision and a high dose of creativity.

The ‘2012 Easter Eggs’ collection gathers artisanal work and design in sophisticated forms, delicious flavors and surprising textures.

The new collection can be found at the OB boutiques in Madrid and Barcelona, as well as at the bakery Classic Line in the Catalan capital.

About the author, Oriol Balaguer symbolizes sensitivity and sophistication, and a perfect symbiosis between pastry and cuisine. Sublime aromas, contrasted textures, great visual impact, savoir faire and expertise. More than 100 prestigious gastronomic establishments in 11 countries are the best showcase and the best reflection of the firm’s prestige around the world. Besides, the firm owns four boutiques in Barcelona, Madrid and Riyadh.

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