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L’Éclair de Génie’s dazzling autumn-winter collection

Christophe Adam

September 30, 2015
Ana Rodríguez
Christophe Adam
L’Éclair de Génie’s dazzling autumn-winter collection

L’Éclair de Génie, led by the tireless and prolific Christophe Adam (so good #13), presents its autumn/winter éclair collection, arty and “stripped”: texture effects and materials for unstructured side and a cracked, frosted appearance, while keeping a sophisticated side with metallic bursts.

There are eight éclairs in this new collection which everyone can enjoy. There is something for lovers of intense chocolate flavors like the Chocolat Grand Cru (No. 117), made with creamy 80% dark chocolate and chocolate glaze; the Chocolate Crunch (No. 156) with creamy chocolate interior and chocolate glaze with caramelized salted grue and roasted black sesame, the Chocolate and Chestnut (No. 157) made with chestnut mousseline, 55% dark covering and cocoa powder, and the Hardchoc (No. 100), a cocoa classic mounted with creamy chocolate, cookies and chocolate glaze. There are also some based on coffee such as the Coffee, Nuts and Caramel (No. 110) that integrates creamy praline, caramelized Costa Rican coffee glaze and caramelized walnuts, or the Coffee (No. 158) with mascarpone and coffee cream and two chocolates). And for those gourmets open to new combinations, the Caramélia, Pine nuts and Peanuts (No. 155), made with creamy caramelia filling and tonka bean, vanilla glaze and a crunchy mixture of peanuts and toasted pine nuts dusted with coconut; and the Tarte Tatin (No. 103), inspired by the classic winter cake, with vanilla cream, apple tatin, and caramel glaze.

During the months of November and December, five new meringues combining the softness of choux pastry with crispy meringue and chocolate will also be served in the shop, opting for ingredients such as pistachio, vanilla from Madagascar or seven-fruit praline.

Another new product of the season is the craquettes, small caramelized hazelnuts coated in various praline flavors (100% hazelnuts, feuilletine / cocoa dulcey / orange blossom / sesame, pecan / milk chocolate, milk chocolate / vanilla).