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How to win the World Pastry Cup? Alessandro Dalmasso’s vision

Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie Pastry Interviews

October 1, 2021
Alberto Ruiz
Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie Pastry Interviews
How to win the World Pastry Cup? Alessandro Dalmasso’s vision

The emblematic president of the Italian team in the World Pastry Cup, Alessandro Dalmaso, dedicates a few words to share the keys of what in his opinion was necessary for the team formed by Lorenzo Puca, Andrea Restuccia, and Massimo Pica to rise to the top of this unusual edition of 2021. Without a doubt, the intensity and perseverance of the training sessions during the last year and a half are at the center of his analysis.

“I think that Italy won the Coupe du Monde de la Patisserie due to a great job training, the rigor and discipline of the team, the time and dedication they put into the 18 months where they underwent hard training, setting their work and personal life aside. And last but not least, not questioning their limits.

Competition is key. In recent years, the bar has been raised higher and higher, and this has prompted Italy to follow an even more rigorous training method. Also supported by cutting-edge research in processes and technology, studying for themselves new molds and machinery for sugar processing. 

They prepared for 18 months, and in the last 8 months moved to Brescia to train at the Cast Alimenti school where every day they worked on the conception and execution of the entire project.

They were coordinated, supported, and formed by a group made up of the President of the Club Coupe du Monde Italia, Alessandro Dalmasso, and the three world champions in 2015, Francesco Boccia, Fabrizio Donatone, and Emmanuele Forcone, the Director of Cast Alimenti Vittorio Santoro, and the important contribution to research and development of Maestro Gabriele Bozio.”