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CAST Alimenti

CAST Alimenti

Name of School: CAST Alimenti

Brief History: CAST Alimenti (Centro Arte, Scienza e Tecnologia dell’Alimento) was founded in 1997, offering specific courses for chefs, pastry chefs, restaurant pastry chefs, bakers, ice cream makers, chocolatiers, pizza makers, and bartenders, aimed at both young students and established professionals who want to acquire knowledge and know-how. In addition, it is a training center for all the teams that participate in international competitions in craft trades and related to gastronomy.

The school stands out, among other things, for paying great attention to the typical products Made in Italy in the study programs and in practical lessons. However, it has become one of the benchmark schools in the art of pastry not only for Italy but throughout Europe.

Location: Via Serenissima, 5. Brescia (Italy)

Brief description of its pastry program:

  • Advanced Diploma in Italian Pastry Arts
  • Advanced Diploma in Italian Pastry Arts for Hotel & Restaurant Service
  • Master course in Italian cuisine and pastry
  • Intensive pastry, chocolate, and ice cream courses

Other facilities: Ten laboratories, large common areas for breakfast, lunch, and coffee breaks, executive and organizational offices, warehouses, and changing rooms.


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