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GOÛT DE BRIOCHE, a new brioche boutique in Paris


July 2, 2015
Ana Rodríguez
GOÛT DE BRIOCHE, a new brioche boutique in Paris

Yesterday, July 1, the famous French chef Guy Savoy and his pastry chef Christian Boudard open GOÛT DE BRIOCHE, a boutique dedicated to brioches, in 54 rue Mazarine in Paris.

Guy Savoy, leading prestigious restaurants in the capital of France and one in Las Vegas, with which he has won Michelin stars, now presents this new establishment where he once again shows his creativity and ingenuity.

From Wednesday to Sunday, you can taste savory or sweet brioches, in individual formats or for groups of six to eight people, in a space of ​​oak and marble designed by Jean-Michel Wilmotte.

Candied fruit, rose pralines, seasonal fruit, parmesan, mushrooms. .. This sweet is designed to be eaten at any time of day, either as an impromptu snack or for dessert.