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French touch in Jean-Paul Hévin’s Christmas collection

Christmas Pastry Jean-Paul Hévin

November 22, 2016
Ana Rodríguez
Christmas Pastry Jean-Paul Hévin
French touch in Jean-Paul Hévin’s Christmas collection

With the holidays in mind, Jean-Paul Hévin, one of the great master chocolatiers, has reflected on the famous “French touch” which means quality, originality, and uniqueness in French creations, to design his Christmas collection divided into seven “ingredients/aspects”.


1. Bûche “Rêve”. Creativity. Can you imagine grabbing the moon with your hands? Hévin achieves this in the caramelized orange crème Brûlée bûche which rests on a chocolate and almond cake with Brazilian Grand Cru chocolate mousse on a bed of crunchy cereal, oranges, and ginger confit.

Bûche Rève by Hévin



2. Bûche Cancan. The joy of living. This joyful and festive log is an homage to the cancan. A chocolate and almond cake covered in plum jam and Peruvian Grand Cru chocolate mousse on Tonka streusel crocant.

Bûche Cancan. Jean-Paul Hévin



3. Bûche Fashion. Fashion. Fashion is symbolized here in an elegant handbag created with dark chocolate cake and Venezuelan Grand Cru dark chocolate mousse in a dark chocolate streusel.

Bûche Fashion. Jean-Paul Hévin



4. Bûche Grand Style. Style. The chef proposes a journey to the gardens of Versailles with this classic cocoa and almond cake, Ecuadorian Grand Cru dark chocolate mousse, and chocolate pistachio gianduja.

Bûche Grand Style. Jean-Paul Hévin



5. Palet Bordeaux. Region. A nod to Bourdeux with this vinous color palette made with Ecuadorian Grand Cru cacao.

Palet Bordeaux. Jean-Paul Hévin


6. Table centrepiece “Lumière”. Humor. To light up the Christmas table, Hévin presents this piece with falling stars in dark chocolate that surround a candle with ten truffles covered in cocoa.

Centre table Lumière. Jean-Paul Hévin



7. Macaron Cocorico. Tradition. If anything can symbolize French pastry, it is the macaron, here presented with two different cookies, one is milk chocolate and the other dark chocolate, which contains Ecuadorian Grand Cru dark chocolate ganache.

Macaron Cocorico. Jean-Paul Hévin