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Floral aromas in Marcolini’s new summer collection

April 25, 2016
Luis Concepción
Floral aromas in Marcolini’s new summer collection

Summer is a time of light and heat, long days and extended time. Summer opens a suitable period for individual pleasure, compulsive consumption, and the small vagaries of life. This is what summer is for Belgian pastry chef Pierre Marcolini, who in his new ice cream collection recreates that fantastic, fresh, poetic and very floral universe. His summer collection goes on sale next May 19 and consists of five tubs and six popsicles, called esquimaux in French-speaking countries, combined with five different coatings, plus cold infusions and a new assortment of cookies.

The tubs will be surprising with highly exquisite ice creams invoking summer and the feelings this season provokes. Frisson (ripple, chills or shaking) de Thé, for example, is an ice cream with subtle notes of black tea with jasmine and streaked with red fruit coulis and vanilla meringue; Frisson des Îles is an ice cream infused with Madagascan vanilla, decorated with chocolate coulis and caramelized cocoa grué; Frisson de Sucre is a caramel ice cream, accompanied by a slightly vanilla-inflected sauce and caramelized pecans; Frisson du Piémont is an interesting praline ice cream, streaked with Piedmont hazelnut coulis and slivered toasted walnuts; and finally Frisson de cocoa focuses on a chocolate made with cocoa from Ecuador and Ghana, with chocolate coulis and croustillants.

In Marcolini’s boutiques, there are also six popsicles which can be customized. For ice cream, there are six options to choose from: vanilla, chocolate, raspberry, caramel and pecans, and mango and Matcha green tea. These can be accompanied by five different baths to cover each customer’s choice: dark chocolate and cocoa grué, milk chocolate and almonds, white chocolate, white chocolate and Matcha tea, and white chocolate and raspberry. The combinations of ice cream and baths result in up to 30 different choices.

Marcolini accompanies this assortment with original cold infusions, three of cocoa and other flavors like ginger and jasmine. A healthy alternative from soft drinks, these drinks have names such as Belle Toujours (Always beautiful, ginger), Belle de Nuit (beautiful at night, jasmine), and Belle de Jour (beautiful in the day, with lemon and lime zest, and Tahitian vanilla). The new assortment of cookies also emphasizes the aspect of aromatic fruits and spices such as ginger and lemon, but also soft caramel.