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Cubic color bonbons by Pierre Marcolini

ice cream Pierre Marcolini

May 19, 2017
Luis Concepción
ice cream Pierre Marcolini
Cubic color bonbons by Pierre Marcolini

Pierre Marcolini‘s summer collection has an air of modernity and magic. In the section of bonbons, quinoa, sesame, spelt, or seasonal fruits are some of the ingredients that we can find when tasting his fun cubic bonbons. Six color and fruit flavor bonbons in which he aptly associates praline, ganache, and caramel.

Marcolini also reinvents and expands his combinable ice pop or esquimau collection with interesting novelties. Inside the ice cream, white sesame is introduced and between the coverings he uses smoked chocolates, with a hint of salt, as well as crunchy elements such as sesame, coconut, and toasted hazelnuts.

The idea is that the customer chooses their preferred combination. The possibilities are very broad. You can find vanilla, chocolate, caramel, and the new white sesame for the ice cream; while the range of sorbets is smaller, consisting only of mango and raspberry. Where there are more options and novelties is in the chocolate shirts of these ice cream bonbons, with very different varieties. Among the novelties are milk chocolate, toasted hazelnuts and fleur de sel; smoked dark chocolate; white chocolate and toasted coconut; and white chocolate and toasted sesame. The line is complete with milk chocolate and almond; and dark chocolate and cocoa grué.

But ice cream has more destinies in the maison. The master chocolatier also incorporates 5 new recipes to the collection. Frisson, which is served in a cup, and even also in 1-liter tubs. The new additions are Frisson Rosa Pistachio (rose ice cream, raspberry coulis a la Garrigues honey and toasted pistachio); Frisson hazelnut Praliné (praline ice cream, milk chocolate flakes, caramelized hazelnuts, praline coulis); Frisson Matcha Tea (matcha ice cream, yuzu coulis, orangettes or sticks of orange confit with chocolate); Frisson Vanilla Pecan (Madagascan vanilla ice cream with chocolate cookies, caramel coulis, and caramelized pecans); and Frisson Tout Chocolat (sorbet and chocolate coulis with chocolate truffle éclats). This year and within this line, he will also repeat what Marcolini called the best seller last summer, Frisson Jasmine and Berries.