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Codes, capsules, shadows and contours

February 10, 2011
Codes, capsules, shadows and contours

Half a dozen of eggs is a collection of six surprisingly original Easter eggs. Based on pure geometric lines, biggest respect for ingredients and an aesthetic position linked to minimalism, Rubén Álvarez’s creativity shows how many possibilities the figure of an oval has. The name of this collection clearly anticipates the type of game this chocolatier wants to begin with his interlocutors. The typical case for collecting eggs now delimits the number of proposals offered and helps understand that we have a collection in our hands. The six chocolate eggs are: Code, Shadow, Capsule, Through-It, Contour and Incisions. They all were successfully presented at the last edition of ‘Fòrum de Girona’, that is about to start the 2011 edition.

In front of over a hundred professionals, Rubén revealed the concept, the preparation process and his way or working chocolate with the help of a lively, eye-catching video which accompanied his explanations and spontaneous demonstrations.

Rubén Álvarez Easter eggs collection