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Bachour Bakery and Bistro kicks off

Antonio Bachour

March 24, 2016
Jaume Cot
Antonio Bachour
Bachour Bakery and Bistro kicks off

Finally, the first establishment of the author, Antonio Bachour, is now open. Located in the Brickell Center in Miami, Bachour Bakery and Bistro is the perfect place to get to know the versatile creativity of this pastry chef. A large 170-sqaure meter space made fully of glass and with a height of over 12 meters. In it, the chef offers savory options, created by his partner, Henry Haine, and sweet, which can be enjoyed in cakes, plated desserts, bonbons, verrines, macaroons, his own breads with sourdough and many other specialties which have made the chef famous worldwide.

With a team of 9 employees, five in the kitchen, the shop could not have had a stronger start, literally exhausting all their stocks each of the four days it has been open without even getting to fill the display window due to the great interest and demand they have received. In fact, Antonio Bachour tells us that many of the people who follow him on his Instagram and Twitter accounts have come from different parts of the United States and Latin America just to experience the early stages of the premises.

The new shop, which represents an investment of over one million dollars, meets the highest standards in ecological and sustainable terms. In addition to being fully glass, the room is divided into different tables to sit and enjoy the savory and sweet products of the shop. Beautiful spherical lamps hang from the ceiling and help give that touch of class to the whole ambience.