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So good recipes 3, the great sweet journey

May 27, 2022
So good recipes 3, the great sweet journey

Many of you will remember those first steps of so good magazine, back in 2008. A biannual magazine appeared on the scene that was not limited to a region or country, but rather explored all corners of the world, hunting and gathering chefs who were passionate about “haute pâtisserie” or modern pastry. After four years, in 2012, the first volume of so good… recipes was born, a compilation of all the recipes published in the first eight issues of the magazine, but classified and presented in a totally different way. Today we present So good recipes 3 that has already become a fundamental reference book for hundreds of professionals around the world.


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Some of the chefs featured in so good.. recipes 3

In this third installment, which gathers the creations published from so good.. #17 to so good.. #24, we follow the same model for grouping the content, depending on the type of preparation (biscuits, mousses, creams , ganaches…) and the ingredients used (nuts, chocolate, fruit…). That is where one of the main attractions of this compendium lies, in the large volume and variety of recipes and authors offered.

Thus, the reader will find different recipes for any pastry creation. For example, the recipe book includes a dozen dacquoise cakes, around 75 chocolate mousses, and around 80 fruit jellies. We can get even more specific and find a total of five eggless raspberry cream recipes which have been registered. Each of the recipes carries a series of labels that inform the original context of which they were part (fresh pastry, restaurant, dry, chocolate, or frozen dessert), the author, and the issue of so good..magazine in which they were published for the first time. Thanks to this regrouping exercise, some topics of interest can be observed, such as the fact that many professionals are committed to reducing the sweetness or fat content of their formulas, or the preference for ingredients such as lemongrass (7), roses (35), or sobacha (6), or fresh products with puff pastry (14), vegetable creams (15), or whipped ganache (36).

Bonbons in so good recipes 3

There are a total of more than 1,800 recipes prepared by 163 chefs and distributed over 372 pages. The purpose of this manual is none other than to become an effective tool that quickly and easily helps the professional if what they want, for example, is to change their biscuits for others, avoid an ingredient in a glaze, opt for a new flavor with a gelled texture, or let themselves be surprised by dozens of semi-liquid toffees.

In short, a great recipe book that we hope will be useful for everyone.


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