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So Good 17. Pleasant, very pleasant work

January 11, 2017
Alberto Ruiz


When all of you, dear readers, receive this edition of so good.. magazine, you will notice some changes in terms of design and layout. The idea was to apply slight alterations to refresh aesthetics, but without losing the identity of a publication that was created to pay tribute to good pastry and display it in all its glory. That was and remains the goal eight years after our first issue. We are still interested in those demanding, perfectionist, talented, creative, but above all passionate pastry chefs, wherever they may be in their place within the sector.

And we get a huge satisfaction to see that our approach matches that of many professionals around the world, whose comments about it encourage us to continue this pleasant, pleasant work. In this search, we once again reunite with one of the greatest exponents of contemporary French avant-garde, which is like saying of the world, Guillaume Mabilleau, in this issue. We also welcome someone sure to be one of the greats, Cédric Grolet. And we are grateful that Pierre Marcolini made a quick trip to Paris exclusively so that we could interview him. We appreciate the sensitivity of the great Japanese master Junichi Mitsubori, Paco Torreblanca’s vision to always be one step ahead, William Werner’s challenging himself in his Craftsman and Wolves, Javier Guillen’s rebellion, five chocolatiers’ imagination to divide New York, the tide coming from the North … Luciano García’s good taste and Rafa Delgado’s cooked succulence… and many more talents in this so good.. magazine #17 which, as we have said, we have subtly refreshed to continue with this pleasant, very pleasant work.