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So good #31 editorial. What the fuck!

so good #31

January 24, 2024
Alberto Ruiz
so good #31

There has always been what we know today as ‘political correctness’, which we could define as acting within the limits morally accepted by society at the time. Historically, this correctness was associated with concepts such as decency or good taste, and was often dictated by religion. Today this concept is used ironically to refer to the use of language and expressions that seek not to offend anyone, and which often lead to self-censorship.

It is not our intention to promote or even justify gratuitous offenses, much less insult or defamation. But we do appreciate and value courage, rebellion, nonconformity and questioning of imposed fashions and rules. That is the reason behind the so good.. Rogue Pastry Challenge that we include in this issue. Our sector, and probably the rest, is in need of follies, of mistakes, of roads to nowhere, of unexpected gestures, and above all of daring.

Our thanks to the eight chefs who accepted the challenge and responded with unusual creations, such as the one on the cover, an elegant and suggestive representation of lust by François Daubinet.

For a moment, political correctness led us to doubt the appropriateness of this cover. ‘Will anyone be offended, will we be labeled sexist?’ But we quickly said to ourselves, ‘What the fuck! If the chef has dared, so should we. Let’s do it.’


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