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Sasa Demarle Flexipan expands

Sasa Demarle Flexipan expands

Sasa Demarle Flexipan expands

Sasa Demarle, which in 2018 presented a rebranding of its Flexipan product line (see video below), now surprises with new products that will help chefs achieve excellence such as the Silpain Éclair, a fiberglass mat and silicone coating for baking, which facilitates heat transfer and optimizes the crust.

Within the Origine range, which has a silicone formulated by its chemistry department for the bakery and pastry industry and a long shelf life of up to 3,000 baking cycles, presents the Lemon molds to make fruit desserts and get a good trompe l’oeil effect, and Calisson with which you can reproduce the shape of this typical sweet from l’Aix-en-Provence.

The Inspiration line, ideal for artisan and semi-industrial production, is also renewed with 3D Sphere, 3D Ring, 3D Yule Log, and Lounge.

The company will be present at the RCA Annual Conference 2019 in March and at the NRA Show 2019 in May.


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