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New shapes of silicone molds decosil®, by Stefano Laghi

New shapes of silicone molds decosil®, by Stefano Laghi

New shapes of silicone molds decosil®, by Stefano Laghi

The Master Chef Stefano Laghi conceived and designed the shapes of silicone molds decosil® for cakes and he knows exactly how to give a soul to sugar and chocolate. We have heard him, we followed him and he gave us the opportunity to open new horizons to the bakery.
Food silicone molds from the most unexpected surprising details, all made in Italy.
Our molds are the perfect tools of the pastry chef artist.
And if you want more, the kit liquid silicone will open you a new world, where fantasy cannot meet bounds.

The most innovative project created by decosil® is LINEAGUSCIO®, a system of patented molds that allows you to easily create 3D sculptures, with high and bas-relief decorations.
They are produced for pastry elite, carefully projected to achieve extraordinary results with an incredible creative experience, but with ease. Silicone softness, dimensional stability, ability to reproduce every detail are qualities that can be understood by those who love the sensory experience of manual work and art.
Thanks to LINEAGUSCIO® with a few simple steps, the pastry chef will get amazing sculptures!

This idea is the cornerstone of everything; decosil® designers develop each new item with passion and creativity.
From concept to graphic design, then chiseled by the sculptor who works in constant dialogue with the designers to give the first example of the mold model.
The prototypes are tested by Pastry Chef Stefano Laghi and his team, they are set up in all its possible applications.
Only after passing the test of professional pastry chefs, the prototypes are put into production and registered.

decosil® can also produce custom molds designed on customer request.
If you can dream it, you can do it said one of the most important and creative mind, now if you can dream it with decosil you can make it real!
decosil® offers a unique and complete service named CONCETTO, which from the creation of the model to the finished silicone mold, starting from a drawing, draft, rendering or simply a photograph, we are able to achieve the required model and get your finished 3D mold.
Not only decosil® customizes your mold. If you are a pastry chef and you would want to participate to the contests and competitions of all around the world, decosil® gives to you the possibility to training with the support of Master Davide Malizia who is the champion of this type of art.
You will have the possibility to create magnificent sculptures with decosil® custom molds, like those who have won world titles 2013 in sugar and chocolate.

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