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MultiFresh Next, Irinox’s new customizable blast chiller

MultiFresh Next, Irinox’s new customizable blast chiller

MultiFresh Next, Irinox’s new customizable blast chiller

Irinox launches the MultiFresh Next ecological propane blasting machine, which stands out for being fully customizable. It adapts to the demands of all professionals, who can create the ideal equipment for their workshop, choosing only the most useful features for their work and one of its five configurations: gourmet cooking, pastry & bakery, ice cream, excellence, and essential.

The Pastry & Bakery option is the dream of every baker and pastry chef who must schedule the times daily and decide when to have perfectly fermented doughs, since it offers three fermentation cycles (direct, programmed, and interruption) and a humidification option. The precision sensor, which constantly detects the real humidity, allows you to choose between five levels of regulation (from 40 to 90% RH) for optimal fermentation.

Environmental protection is a priority issue for Irinox. For this reason, MultiFresh Next uses a new eco-friendly natural refrigerant that guarantees excellent performance and zero emissions, as well as 40% faster cooling and freezing. Likewise, its Eco Silent package ensures efficient performance with extremely low noise emissions thanks to low noise fans. 

Its use is as easy and intuitive as using a smartphone, thanks to the touch screen and the new interface. It connects to FreshCloudTM to give remote access to details, statistics, HACCP reports, and useful information for the most efficient control and use possible.

The company, which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, has changed its logo, adopting a deeper blue Pantone that gives it a more mature look. The shapes are simpler and show hexagonal geometry. The space between the letters that make up IRINOX makes its brand even more imposing and the renewed design evokes a sense of continuity. A choice that reflects an evolution towards digital transformation and a projection towards the future.

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