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Kenwood Cooking Chef

Kenwood Cooking Chef

Kenwood Cooking Chef

In 2011 Kenwood built on its reputation as an innovative and high quality producer of kitchen machines by introducing the revolutionary Cooking Chef to wide range of food preparation products. This innovation introduced precision cooking to its planetary mixer range, providing the cook with greater control than was ever possible before.
The machine was a culmination of five years of R&D combining precision technical engineering, world class product design and the Professional Chef. Bring these three elements together ensured Kenwood were the first and remains the best in class.

How it works
You select the temperature and start the machine. The machine then heats the bowl and constantly monitors the temperature inside the bowl, ensuring perfect, consistent and effortless results every time.
The machine uses a 1100W induction heating unit with a precision temperature sensors to ensure that the contents of the bowl are heated to within 1°C of accuracy. With the temperature range going up to 140°C the Kenwood cooking chef, can easily cook all a professional patisserie needs. It cooks a wide array of recipes from Italian meringue to hollandaise, from 250ml to 3 litres giving you not only total control but also versatility.

Just place all the ingredients into the bowl attach the power whisk to the machine, select high speed and set the temperature to 118°C and the machine do the rest. (No need to boil a separate syrup).

Just place all the ingredients into the bowl, set the time and temperature and the machine will do the rest.
Even three litres of Choux pastry or a Béchamel can be made in minutes, without the Professional Chef breaking into a sweat, just let the machine do all the work.

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