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ICB Tecnologie. Chocotemper-Top

ICB Tecnologie. Chocotemper-Top

ICB Tecnologie. Chocotemper-Top

ICB Tecnologie has a long experience both in the italian and in the worldwide market.

For 2013 ICB Tecnologie is proud to present its new 5.5 Kg tabletop tempering machine, ideal for pastry stores, ice cream parlours and restaurants. Thanks to its small size, Chocotemper -Top is ideal for any confectionery laboratories, ensuring the same high quality standard as the Chocotemper machines of greater dimensions.

The Chocotemper Top strengths are represented by its Touch Screen technology which allows keeping the chocolate processing always under control as well as its stainless steel structure which ensures solidity and catchy design.

Moreover for 2013 ICB Tecnologie introduces a new model of Cook Matic, the tartlets machine, with the possibility to set two different temperatures between the lower and upper plate.

This innovation allows to get always crispy and golden tartlets with a perfect baking, ready to be filled. Wide range of plates available.

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