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From Appetizer to Dessert with Trittico® Executive!

From Appetizer to Dessert with Trittico® Executive!

From Appetizer to Dessert with Trittico® Executive!

Bravo SpA, manufacturer of gelato and pastry machines, thanks to its Trittico® Executive comes also into the savoury food world! Trittico® Executive replaces a range of machine and is useful to cook, emulsify, for chocolate tempering, to cool down and blast freezes. Bavarian cream, chocolate tempering, ganache cream, sweet and savoury mousses, bechamle sauce, vegetables soufflé, savoury jams, cheese cream, sauces and concentrates…

Trittico® is a brain reach in programs able to adapt itself to the particular needs of any artisan, essential to save space, time, staff, energy but mainly to organize the at the best the work of the laboratory and of the kitchen!

The uniqueness of Trittico® Executive depends on its special physical nature: it cooks on the upper part and cools on the lower one! The upper VERTICAL tank (nr. 1 in the picture) allows to control the whole cooking process and to pour each ingredient at the right momenti, while in the lower tank (nr. 2 in the picture) the blast freezing and the cooling process occur. Tanks are completely independent one from the other and can simultaneously work offering the huge benefit to the artisan to carry on two different processes in the meanwhile!

But advantages go on: the two tanks are connected by an internal pipe – one of the over 20 patents on Trittico® – that ensures the best hygiene of the products and their absolute quality as it cut any possible alteration during the passage from the cooking to the blast freezing process.

The savoury world is still unknown and unexplored for a lot of people in bakery and pastry business, but thanks to Trittico® Executive, to its automation and versatility savoury food is now affordable to everyone and allows to gain additional market shares. Moreover, to complete its services Bravo Spa, through GSG Service Srl – a company of the group specialized in marketing, communication and consulting in the dessert business – can offer a whole consulting day* free of charge at your laboratory with one of the Bravo Trittico Club demonstrators.

The know-how of our professional team together with the technology of our machines will make you get immediate results and an updating aimed at the improvement of your aptitudes and products.

Cutting edge technology and full service. Trittico® Executive: a whole laboratory in one machine only!

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