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Easypack, the innovative system created by Alcas

Easypack, the innovative system created by Alcas

Easypack, the innovative system created by Alcas

The 36th International Exhibition for the Artisan Production of Gelato, Pastry, Confectionary and Bakery has just closed, and ALCAS played an important role again this year. Our stand, with its strong visual impact, was designed to emphasise the value of our presence at SIGEP, presenting numerous important innovations for the market.

One of the main protagonists of the event was EASYPACK, the innovative system created by ALCAS to make simple, made-to-measure packaging for all kinds of biscuits and chocolates. EASYPACK is a practical dispenser that lets you cut the PET tube to just the right size according to your needs, forming a well-shaped and practical confectionary box with elegant gold-coloured lids.
The brand new Medoro Nero line brought a touch of style and elegance to the stand, fascinating visitors with the elegance and contemporary style which these trays lend to confectionary displays. A classy, stylish and distinguished choice.

Talking of distinction, ALCAS took the opportunity to launch the “Vasetto Gelato”, giving gelato-makers a new way to offer take-away products. Available in two sizes (500cc and 1000cc), the tubs have retro graphics allowing customers to present great artisan-made gelato directly on the table, just like in the past.

The two new products in the Sweetbubble line also attracted a lot of interest – Sweetlove and Sweetegg are fun and decorative single portion containers shaped like a heart and an egg respectively, to bring a touch of originality to your display.
Another top attraction this year was Typo, ALCAS’ exclusive system for personalised tubs and scoops with colourful and attractive graphics to make any gelato-maker stand out from the crowd.

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