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De Buyer launches new gourmet pastry tools

De Buyer launches new gourmet pastry tools

De Buyer launches new gourmet pastry tools

De Buyer, French manufacturer of kitchen and pastry utensils since 1830, surprises this first quarter of 2019 with attractive new products.

The MINERAL BBOIS range now includes a 24 cm crepepan which, when coated with beeswax, protects against oxidation and promotes its seasoning. The handle, made of natural beech wood from sustainably managed forests, provides a comfortable grip and insulates against heat.

The company also offers perforated baking rings, created in partnership with l’École Valrhona to create gourmet, crunchy and golden cakes with smooth and clean edges. The perforations are designed to promote the circulation of heat and ensure a rapid and uniform development of the dough without air bubbles. These rings are available with a height of 2 cm and with different shapes (round, square, rectangle, heart, oblong, calisson, hexagonal, and multi-part) and also in 3.5 cm in round, square and rectangle shapes. In addition, De Buyer proposes new decorations with smooth or fluted rings which are  2.5 cm in diameter using new sultana nozzles, and practical and essential molds that have straight edges of 5 cm and are made of non-stick steel, ideal for making multi-level cakes such as wedding cakes.

And as a useful tool, the Le Tube pressure syringe allows to measure, fill, and decorate with precision, equipped with a biscuit press, and has 13 designs to create varied and original shortbreads.

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