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Horeca Culinary School

Horeca Culinary School

Name of School: Horeca Culinary School

Brief History: Horeca Culinary School is a modern culinary school based in Bucharest (Romania), founded by Cristina van der Schaaf and has a five-story building with more than 950 square meters of space dedicated to cuisine, pastry, and cake decoration. It is recognized as one of the TOP schools in the field of food and tourism in that country, accredited by the Minister of Education and Labor since 2009.

A member of A.N.B.C.T. (the National Association of Chefs and Pastry Chefs in Romania) and The Romanian Federation of Hotels Industry, Horeca Culinary School became the fourth school in the world to be part of the Culinary Institute Disciples Escoffier, with license to launch pastry and cooking programs on behalf of this prestigious Institute in the Eastern European area, in December 2018.

Horeca Culinary School seeks to inspire new careers, transmitting passion for good cuisine and French gastronomy to students. Its pastry and cooking programs are run by French and Romanian chefs who not only have the experience, but also the necessary patience to guide students on the right path.

Location: Strada Latina nr 6. Bucharest (Romania)

Brief description of its pastry program: Horeca Culinary School organizes master classes with recognized pastry chefs from all over the world which are attended by students from Romania and abroad. In these sessions, students have the possibility of getting in touch with new work techniques and to exchange philosophies, experiences, and design visions with guest chefs.


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