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Name of the school: Gastronomicom

Year of foundation: 2004

Brief history of the school: Gastronomicom is an international culinary school founded in 2004. Our campus hosts students from all over the world and offers pastry and cooking classes and also French lessons in a charming town in the south of France. Our programs are intended for both professionals and beginners who want to improve their skills in French pastry or cooking.

Our highly experienced chefs/teachers provide hands-on classes to a one Michelin Star level. All of our culinary courses are conducted in English.

Location: Cap d’Agde, FRANCE.

Brief description of its pastry training program: Our pastry program offers a variety of classes. The shortest program runs for 4 weeks and the longest for 1 year. Pastry classes meet for 3 hours each day Monday through Friday and cover breads, viennoiseries, cakes and other desserts,plated desserts with decorations chocolates.

Other facilities: students’ accommodation, work experience, demonstrations, internship in a French restaurant listed in the famous Michelin Guide … Gastronomicom provides lodging in the beautiful Odalys Resort near the beach, just 10 minutes from the school by bus. Our two large fully equipped laboratories (110 m2 each) are dedicated to pastry and cooking classes. A separate classroom is reserved for French language classes. We offer a 4 or 6 month internship as a part of some of our programs in order to give students additional experience in pastry.

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