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Patapoch – The innovative stencil kit

Patapoch – The innovative stencil kit

Patapoch – The innovative stencil kit

Creating crisp and delicious tuiles is like the cherry on the top of the cake to finish a lovely and elegant dessert. Christophe VINOT, a pastry chef who often tackles these missions while working for the fine restaurants of his Alsace-Lorraine region, knows a bit about this. After the international success of his Deco Spoon, a fountain pen spoon, this is a new challenge that he wanted to take on by designing a stencil kit in a material that conforms to food standards and is exactly the right thickness for achieving the best crunch. This material, superbly pliable and flexible, turns out a tuile the same as its stencil on the baking tray and allows you to create your own shapes with a cutter.

You’ll have tuiles down pat with PATAPOCH!

Kit contents:

1 cutter + 1 spatula

1 patern 7 x 25 cm

1 patern 10 x 10 cm

1 patern 16 x 13 cm

1 rectangle stencil 4 x 22 cm

1 rectangle stencil 5 x 12 cm

1 round stencil Ø 8 cm

1 fork stencil 3 x 14 cm

1 flower stencil Ø 14cm

1 recipes booklet

Supplied by Bron Coucke


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