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Mindful Choices, Guittard chocolate with sugar alternatives

Mindful Choices, Guittard chocolate with sugar alternatives

Mindful Choices, Guittard chocolate with sugar alternatives

In order to accommodate the changing dietary preferences of today’s consumers and help pastry and restaurant professionals create desserts without refined sugars, Guittard Chocolate Company launches the Mindful Choices line. It is a range that “was developed as a response to a changing consumer landscape,” explained president Gary Guittard. “We always strive to equip our customers with the tools they need to best serve their buyers’ needs and interests.”

Guittard, with more than 150 years of history as a pioneer in the craftsmanship of chocolate in the United States, accepts the challenge with Mindful Choices to respond to new eating habits without sacrificing quality, craftsmanship, and taste. This new collection is made up of Beyond Sugar, an innovative series of chocolate made with sugar alternatives (coconut, stevia, & erythritol), and Absolute Chocolate, a selection of 100% cocoa products.

Beyond Sugar consists of:

  • Santé 72% cocoa dark chocolate wafers, made with organic coconut sugar. These low-glycemic wafers are keto and paleo-friendly. Notes of toasted cocoa and chocolate lead to lingering dried fruit and nuttiness with endnotes of subtle coconut and lingering vanilla. Suggested applications include a coconut sugar brownie, or coconut sugar chocolate shell and ganache.
  • Joie 61% cocoa dark chocolate wafer sweetened with stevia and erythritol. Rounded chocolate notes amid hot chocolate flavors balanced with subtle spiciness and vanilla. Suggested include a keto-friendly chocolate frostie or keto coconut bars.
  • Vivre 58% cocoa dark chocolate drop sweetened with stevia and erythritol. Initial chocolate flavor that lasts, balanced with soft notes of vanilla in a cookie drop format. Suggested for use in recipes such as keto double-chocolate cookies or keto marshmallows.

For its part, Absolute Chocolate gives the possibility of enjoying pure cocoa made from sugar-free chocolate wafers, cocoa powder, and cocoa beans. These three products are suitable for keto, paleo, and plant-based diets, and invite you to discover the many possibilities of cocoa application.

Mindful Choices is available for purchase directly through Guittard and its distributors starting this September.

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