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Hug’s Fligrano: ‘Fine Arts’ for creative chefs

Hug’s Fligrano: ‘Fine Arts’ for creative chefs

Hug’s Fligrano: ‘Fine Arts’ for creative chefs

The extremely thin Filigrano Tartelettes launched by Swiss company HUG AG initially represented a world première – and the 4 Dessert and 2 Snack varieties immediately met with high levels of acceptance among chefs and patissiers.

International demand for additional shapes and sizes was so high that HUG is now launching a “Filigrano Collection” consisting of a range of 8 different Dessert, Choco and Snack Tartelettes.

The dough for the new, tender HUG Filigrano Tartelettes is also quite special: as well as being particularly thin and tender, the short-crust pastry is freshly made with 100% Swiss butter in small batches shortly before production, and is prepared according to extremely demanding specifications. HUG short-crust pastry has a distinctive texture and offers an improved taste experience. The ratio of dough to filling has also been optimised, fully in line with current nutritional trends.

As with all HUG products, the new Tartelettes from the “Filigrano Collection” are sprayed with a cocoa/coconut medium specially developed by HUG which is not only tasteless and clear, but also free of trans and palm fat.

Even when filled, the HUG Filigrano Tartelettes therefore remain crisp for several hours – making them ideal for preparing in advance, ready to be served as and when required.

They are pre-baked but can be cooked or heated again WITH the filling.

Just like all HUG Tartelettes, the Filigrano – unlike other products – are not frozen after baking, but are stored at room temperature. This means that restaurateurs can create their own freezable fillings, and have no qualms about freezing the HUG Tartelettes once filled. They will then have a supply of their “own” individual Tartelettes available at all times, thus combining culinary creativity with convenience.

The Tartelettes come in blister packs that are perfect for transporting. Thanks to this special packaging system, they can be filled directly in the blister packs and then easily removed.

“Fine Arts” for Desserts and Snacks

The existing HUG 5.3 cm round and rectangular Snack and Dessert Filigrano Tartelettes can be eaten in two bites as Medium-Small Tartelettes, and are now available made with butter and free of palm fat.

The collection also includes the sizes 3.3 square, 3.8 cm round, 5.3 square, 7.3 x 3.3 rectangular, 8.3 round and 10.3 round in sweet, choco and savoury flavours.

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