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Gelecta revolutionizes how texture is made in pastry

Gelecta revolutionizes how texture is made in pastry

Gelecta revolutionizes how texture is made in pastry

Achieving perfectly textured cakes can set you apart from the competition. In this field, Gelecta is a revolutionary innovation in the gelatin industry since it allows the professional to achieve the texture they want and maximum performance.

Although it is a 100% pure gelatin in granular form, it has the great advantage of being used “as is”, directly in the recipe without prehydration. In addition, the new category called Active Powder, which stands for perfectly creating texture and precisely delivering performance, has the ability to cross-link with the smallest free water particles found directly in the recipe (contributed by milk, cream, fruit puree, etc.) and does it instantly.

Pastry chefs now have the great advantage of having a new way of creating with gelatin: easier, faster, and, above all, with greater precision. The results are a perfectly defined texture and adequate texture performance.

Gelecta can be used in three ways:

  • As is: directly in the recipe, hot and without prehydration. The gelatin’s lack of hydration means there is no additional water intake in the recipe, which is primarily responsible for a drastic reduction in texture performance.
  • As necessary: ​​based on texture and performance.
  • When needed: during preparation and without additional low-value-added production processes, leaving more room for creativity.

Gelecta also supports an application with pre-hydration as usual. To see its full potential, the company presents an example of making a chocolate mousse that needs to be able to cope with any thermal stresses, such as standing for a long time on display. Precisely dark chocolate needs uniform structure and stability so it does not become dry and inconsistent, stored in a showcase for a long time. Therefore, the structure has to be hydrated to give it the right, long-lasting creaminess. Adding 0.5% – 0.8% of Gelecta keeps the structure soft and light, with more liquid to prevent the mousse from granulating during storage, and at the same time provide the right stability.

Find out more at Gelecta’s web page.

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