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Stephanie Prida

She wanted to be an artist until she discovered how much art is within a dish, and even more so in a dessert. So after getting her Associate Degree from the California School of Culinary Arts in Pasadena, Prida decided to focus squarely on pastry. The Ritz-Carlton Lake and the RM Seafood and Tableau, both in Las Vegas, the Cove Restaurant in La Jolla (California) and even the kitchen at Nogarazza in Vicenza, Italy, have inured our pastry chef in the sweet world. Once again in her country, she went to several Chicago restaurants, such as Blackbird, the Elysian Hotel or L2o Restaurant, to finally return to her native California and become part of the Manresa restaurant team.

“We are so lucky to live where we live and have all the most amazing produce surrounding us”

so good.. magazine #17

Featured in so good #17