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Pieter de Volder

Pieter de Volder’s professional career is closely linked to Barcelona, ​​and in particular to Carles Mampel, with whom he shared an intense professional experience while he was in charge of the patisserie, Bubó. His base and training in Belgium were thereafter set on by the creative and innovative spirit of the Catalan chef but also by the gastronomic atmosphere and dynamism of the Mediterranean city. He has run his own establishment, Zuut, in Leuven with David van Acker since 2015. Its opening coincided almost in dates with that of the Glea Pastry Shop by Abel Bravo, with whom he has a friendship and shares a professional restlessness since their joint stage in Bubó. Pieter bets on elegant designs, contained but original, leaving the strong point of each of his proposals for the tasting.

Bio Highlights

2015 – Zuut pâtisserie opens

“We like our creations to be clean and simple on the outside, but very powerful flavor-wise on the inside. I think a little bit like me. I’m not a person who will scream and shout, I’m more subtle”

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