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Paco Pérez

Chef Paco Pérez has been connected to Llançà, a beautiful town on the Costa Brava (Spain), since he was six months old, nourishing him with inspiration and excellent seafood products. In his training as a chef, names such as Michel Guèrard stand out, from whom he learned the basics of French cuisine, or Ferran Adrià, who transmitted to him a passion for research and innovation. All this, the territory, rigor, sea, passion, research, and avant-garde come together in the culinary proposals that Paco Pérez develops for the Miramar restaurant, which he directs and promotes alongside his wife, Montse Serra. In addition, Paco Pérez manages the menus of other renowned restaurants, such as the Enoteca at the Hotel Arts in Barcelona, ​​or 5 by Paco Perez, at the Hotel Das Stue in Berlin.

“It’s our attitude. Creation is based on being there with constancy, thinking, working. If you stay at home, clearly you won’t find the woman of your life”

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