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Hideki Kawamura

After his learning stage in France, Hideki Kawamura ends up staying with the pastry shop where he is employed in Tokyo, “à tes souhaits!”. Since then, two important events have taken place, the remodeling of the premises in 2014 thanks to an important architectural studio and the entrance to Relais Desserts in 2015. Everything comes together in an evolution as a professional that leads to less attention in the aesthetic part of pastry. Let’s not forget his victory in the  American artistic pieces competition, Pastry Live, and his desire to take more care of the flavor experience of each creation, to increase the intensity of the flavors but at the same time taking care of the sugar load. This is how this professional has become a benchmark of French pastry made in Japan, with its own personality.

Bio Highlights

2007 – Acquires “À tes souhaits!” In Tokyo

2014 – Remodeling of the premises

2015 – Admission to Relais Desserts

2016 – Victory in the Showpiece Championship Pastry Live

2017 – Opening of the second “À tes souhaits!”, chocolate and ice cream shop

“If you have various kinds of cakes with different tastes in the showcase, people won’t get bored of them, and we pastry chefs won’t get bored of making them”

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