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Chong Ko Wai

Chong Ko Wai forges his career in Taiwan and Malaysia, studying in pastry schools and gaining confidence in his know-how over the years. A crucial step on this path is his experience as a teacher at the Academy of Pastry Arts of Malaysia for eight years. Together with his colleague and partner, chef Lawrence Cheong, they run C3-Lab, the place where he today deploys his pastry. For him, creativity really consists of improvising on the basis of an increasingly wide and varied knowledge. Known on Instagram as “Bread Pitt”, he has earned fame with the nickname the “Architect of Cakes”, although in his opinion any pastry chef is actually a kind of architect who must calculate what his creation will be like, both in terms of combination of flavors as in appearance.

“One of the biggest challenges so far is to juggle between a chef and an entrepreneur at the same time. Both as a chef and an entrepreneur’s perspective can be contradicting”

So good..magazine #27

Featured in so good #27