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Bruno Van Vaerenbergh

Bruno Van Vaerenbergh

Creative pastry chef and manager culinary advisors bkaey at Debic International, Bruno Van Vaerenbergh has consciously built his career within big companies, in which he confesses having learned more about processes and the quality of the products “than I heard and saw at school”. He had always wondered why this or that happened, which use ever ingredient had, until he finally started to find an answer to his doubts when working alongside Noel Haegens in a prestigious bread firm from Belgium. With the pass of time, he has managed to pass all his treasured knowledge on to his tasks as advisor for an important Belgian dairy product firm, he has specialized in food-stylism and creativity, and he has interviewed other professionals and then included these interviews in corporate magazines, becoming a sort of pastry reporter.

Bio Highlights:

2000 – Member Richemont Master Baker Belgium

2012 – Member Passion Patisserie Belgique

2016 – Ambassador Rémy Cointreau Gastronomie

“My advice : less fat, more design and smaller portions”

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