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Artem Grachev

In Kaliningrad (Russia), the very young chef Artem Grachev gives a relevant role to ice cream in his dessert proposal for Oblaka, a haute cuisine restaurant with capacity for about 500 people during the high season. And he does this with a very direct and flexible preparation method that uses liquid nitrogen and the KitchenAid mixer.

At the beginning, at the age of 18, he learned the basics of making ice cream at the Bourgeois Bohemians restaurant. Alongside Alexey Grebenshchikov, he understood that ice creams and sorbets are not a mere element of the dessert, but rather a fundamental ally to achieve interesting contrasts of temperatures and textures

“Ice cream introduces nuances, an ideal flavor and balance to give the dish greater depth”

so good.. magazine #32

Featured in so good #32