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Alexey Grebenshchikov

Alexey Grebenshchikov

Alexey Grebenshchikov, together with his brother Artem, opened the Bourgeois Bohemians restaurant in 2018, where they opt for products which are more associated with ideas such as ecology, local production, health, or fair trade. True to that idea, Alexey makes fresh, light, and healthy desserts, although elegant and complex in terms of textures and flavors.

Admirer of the creativity of Jordi Roca and Albert Adrià, and the knowledge of Ramon Morató and Jordi Bordas, he discovered his passion for pastry, for his techniques, for his non-standard cooking methods, and for physics and chemistry at the university of their processes. A passion that is evident in his creations of Nordic aesthetics, although with French pastry techniques.

“More and more people are attracted by a healthy lifestyle, and they have become more conscious about nutrition. I believe that the future will be reserved for easy and healthy desserts ”

So good… magazine # 24

Featured in so good #24