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Ice Cream, artisanal ice cream recipe book

A new great compilation of recipes of world-renowned chefs.

Arte Heladero presents a new great compilation of recipes of recent years with the endorsement of world-renowned chefs. Ice Cream, Artisanal Ice Cream Recipe Book, gathers 13 ice cream families with its sections and sub-sections and 245 recipes alphabetically ordered. The reader will find a wide range of creations that belong to families as different as white creams, egg yolk creams, cocoa and chocolate ice creams, nut ice creams, fruit creams, fruit sorbets, spice and aromatic herb creams and sorbets, liquor creams and sorbets, frozen creams, savory ice creams and sorbets, soft serve ice cream, cold drinks, and complements.

The book has the endorsement of 82 professionals who come to ice cream from very different perspectives: the ice cream tradition, haute cuisine, and pastry. Precisely because of the variety of ways of understanding the formulation and the gastronomic contexts in which ice cream is found, each recipe is accompanied by useful information on the type of creation in which it is presented and its serving temperature. Thus, it is indicated in the recipe if the ice cream is conceived for the display case in an ice cream shop, a restaurant dessert, an ice cream cake, and so on.

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