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December 28, 2023

What will be the global pastry, bread, and chocolate trends in 2024?

December 28, 2023
Ana Rodríguez

What will be the global pastry, bread, and chocolate trends in 2024?

What will be the global pastry, bread, and chocolate trends in 2024?


Ana Rodríguez

Artificial intelligence, veganism, and sustainable agriculture. These are just some of the trends that will prevail in 2024 in the pastry, bakery, and chocolate sector according to the Taste Tomorrow study by Puratos. A report that has been prepared from a survey of 20,000 consumers from 50 countries along with its latest data analysis powered by the AI Trend Radar tool.

Can you imagine what innovations come to the world of chocolate? What do consumers demand when buying bread and pastry? Or what pastry preparations are the most attractive? All bets are on!


Three pastry trends: AI, reinvented classics, and local product

Technological inspiration and memorable experiences

Fruit entremet

At the pastry level, the study points out that the ‘Tech Inspired’ movement is one of the driving forces that will shape the sector in 2024. Its essence is the integration of cutting-edge technology such as AI, driven by consumers’ growing appetite for unique and memorable dining experiences, a trend called “Experience Delight.”

This transformation is especially evident as consumers embrace the convenience of online shopping, driving brick-and-mortar bakeries to elevate their offerings to deliver exceptional and unforgettable experiences. Currently, 42% of consumers worldwide now advocate for more automated stores, a substantial increase from the 35% reported in 2018.


Innovate on what is known

While consumers like to try new foods, they don’t like to venture too far into unknown territories. They look for innovations with a familiar look, like the trusted croissant in a new and surprising way, that is exciting to eat, but offers a familiar taste and texture. Consumers seem to be increasingly sticking to the classics they know and trust, with 73% saying they like having a familiar element when trying new types of food.


Local authenticity

In the past, foods that came from distant places benefited from an aura of exclusivity and uniqueness, but the situation has changed. Now 39% of people buy food produced locally or made with local ingredients at least weekly.

Two out of three consumers want to know where their food comes from, so transparency is key if you want to capitalize on the local trend. Sustainability is also an important factor, with 70% thinking that eating local products is better for the environment and 65% believe it is healthier.

Local authenticity trends graphic

Three baking trends: vegetable, healthy, and natural

Preference for foods of plant origin

According to Taste Tomorrow, 56% of consumers around the world are interested in plant-based options for baked goods. The demand for plant-based innovations is massive, especially in the Middle East and Africa (74%), South America (70%), and many countries in the Asia Pacific region (68%).

Vegan solutions now incorporate plant-based ingredients for their own sensory or gustatory characteristics, and not as a substitution or imitation. And currently 52% think that plant-based alternatives taste just as good as products of animal origin.


Sourdough and intestinal health

Croissants making

85% of consumers think that fiber has a positive effect on digestion and whole wheat bread is one of the most popular and well-known sources of fiber. This growing awareness of gut health makes consumers more aware of exactly how the gut works and what ingredients they should choose. Thus, 7 out of 10 people agree that biotics (probiotics, prebiotics, and postbiotics) improve digestion.

This increased interest in gut health is directly related to the rise of sourdough, as 62% of consumers perceive sourdough products as healthy, a significant increase compared to 2021 (52%).


Natural and organic

Finally, there is the natural and organic trend. Not only do consumers prefer unprocessed bakery products free of artificial additives, but 28% are willing to pay more for them. In fact, 71% of consumers worldwide would buy more in bakeries where everything is baked with natural ingredients.


Three chocolate trends: botanicals, sustainable agriculture, and veganism

Mood food

Bonbons making

Many people consider chocolate to be an essential part of a healthy diet, which is why 65% of consumers around the world look for foods that benefit their mental health.

Those who want to concentrate better, have more energy, or a better mood are increasingly opting for chocolate with botanical ingredients such as flowers, leaves, roots, seeds, or stems of plants that are valued for their medicinal, aromatic, or culinary properties. This is because 68% believe that botanicals increase the healthiness of chocolate, which is a large increase compared to the 2021 study. Even 73% are convinced that botanicals add flavor to chocolate.


What is fair for farmers

There is much interest in the social impact of cocoa farming, with 65% of people now seeking food where they know for sure that farmers will receive a fair price and/or a decent income. Likewise, 68% of consumers worldwide are interested in products that come from sustainable agricultural methods.


Plant Based

Finally, choosing vegan foods generates a feeling of pride in consumers, because it is a reflection on their health and social awareness.

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