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Mochi and churro, the new companions for ice cream

July 16, 2014
Mochi and churro, the new companions for ice cream
Luis Concepción

In some way they are the heirs of the “cronut”, which continues to flourish in the United States, where creating new experiences from a fusion of concepts is the dominant trend. However, on this occasion the new accompaniments to ice cream, such as the churro and mochi mass, come from Spain and Japan respectively.

Churro mass forms a part of the ice cream sandwiches from Churro Borough in Los Angeles. It is one of the most recent ice cream sensations in the U.S.A., inspired by the street food of Los Angeles and by two very popular products of the moment: churros and ice cream. The churro ice cream sandwiches are filled with horchata ice cream, vanilla, Mexican hot chocolate and Spanish milk, but are also available in more classical forms such as orange, panna cotta, caramelised apple, strawberry with butter and peach cake. Sylvia Yoo is the imagination behind these ice cream sandwiches, which are distributed throughout the streets of Los Angeles from carts and vans.

Mochi ice cream is also trending in New York. Mochidoki and other businesses are working with the popular mochi mass, which is a product that is almost transparent and made from rice flour, and normally also to be found as a filling with mousses and creams in Japanese pastry. This glutonous mass plays a central role in several imaginative creations, such as the Mochidoki ice cream burger, or simply mochis filled with matcha green tea ice cream, chocolate and many other varieties of flavours.

Both companies, Churro Borough and Mochidoki, compensate for not having a fixed store location by focusing on a modern and fresh brand image, which has helped them to promote themselves through websites and social networks.