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Le Biscuit according to Alain Ducasse

September 16, 2022
Le Biscuit according to Alain Ducasse
Ana Rodríguez

Like he has done before with chocolate and ice cream, Alain Ducasse now brings a new look to biscuits through innovative recipes, flavors, and textures in the new Le Biscuit Alain Ducasse, which opened its doors this September in Paris.

Flora Davies
Flora Davies
 © Maki Manoukian

Pastry chefs Flora Davies and Arnaud Coutret took months to develop the range of artisan biscuits presented in this establishment, which are characterized by an intense flavor and contain four times less sugar than traditional biscuits. In this case, the crunchy texture is achieved by the flours and the inclusions. In addition, in its preparation, special care is taken in the choice of ingredients. Thus, for example, the butter, essential for the texture of the biscuit, comes from the Ferme de Haute Folie, and the flours come from Philippe Guichard, an organic miller who grows mostly old varieties of wheat which are roasted and ground.

Crunchy, round, creamy… each biscuit family has a personality and a design. The Hexa, in the shape of a hexagon -an iconic shape of the Manufactures Ducasse- is made up of Signature Hexa, Classic Hexa, and Wheat-Free Hexa. The Cookie-Bars have the appearance of a chocolate bar and the taste of a cookie. Taking inspiration from the Manufacture de Chocolat’s Chocobar, they can be eaten on the street for a moment of sweetness, at any hour of the day. The Biscuit Bars, in a generous format ideal for sharing, can be consumed up to two weeks after purchase without losing flavor or texture. The Palet Biscuits, coated with Ducasse chocolate, are the result of sealing two biscuits together with a filling. Each of the seven Palet Biscuits that make up the product range have a unique flavor, but they are all made using the same three phases: raw, transformed, and baked. And for those who want exclusivity and the most pastry version, the Minute Biscuits which are made to order.

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