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Pastry ambition in Rimini

July 15, 2011
Pastry ambition in Rimini
Fernando Toda

The Sigep expo, held every year in Rimini (Italy), has proved to be a great showcase for pastry chefs for long years, although it was a traditional meeting point for the gelato industry. This is finally changing, and a major commitment to pâtisserie, as never seen before, is expected for the 2012 edition, counting on the attendance of first-class professionals and varied activities which we will closely follow.

Two of these activities have already been specified and will not definitely go unnoticed. On the one hand, a new, ambitious international pastry championship has been announced, The Pastry Queen, in order to vindicate the figure of women within the workshops. The rules for the championship can be found at

On the other hand, a big effort is being made to create a spectacular Pastry Great Gala, which will pay well-deserved homage to the latest winning figures in the main international pastry competitions: Lyon 2011 Pastry World Cup; Phoenix World Pastry Team Championship; Rimini 2011 Junior Pastry World Cup; and the recent winners of Pastry Queen 2012. The aim of this show is to give all the participants the chance to carry out a demonstration of their winning pieces.

Needless to say, much more than this is to be seen at Sigep 2012, and these two events are nothing but the confirmation that this expo knows no boundaries. Once again, serious work has its reward.