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MOF 2015 medals ceremony

April 27, 2015
MOF 2015 medals ceremony
Ana Rodríguez

On April 16, 225 new MOFs (Mellieur Ouvrier de France) received their deserved medal and diploma at the Sorbonne in Paris, and in September they are expected to be received by President François Hollande at the Elysee.

The 25th edition of this competition began on February 6, 2013 and in the first seven months 2,587 candidates submitted themselves. The mandatory qualifiers were conducted in all categories throughout France during 2014, and towards the end of that year 762 applicants participated. In the end, 225 have achieved the coveted recognition.

This prestigious title, in any category, is surely one of the most coveted distinctions worldwide, not only by French chefs. This is in part because of its high standards, as we saw live at the MOF 2015 Glacier and Pâtissier finals. And also at the MOF Chocolatier which was declared void because the jury found that none of the 11 finalists met the required level of excellence.