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A long-distance race

March 28, 2012
Alberto Ruiz

Anthony Smith, Pastry Chef of the Year after winning the US Pastry Competition 

The latest edition of the US Pastry Competition has showed that pastry is a long-distance race in which one can never renounce a dream to come true. In proof of this, you can ask Anthony Smith, who had already tried to win this prestigious competition on several occasions before, being the first one 8 years ago.

His perseverance and effort have led him to win the Gold Medal and have turned him into the new Pastry Chef of the Year 2012.

Anthony Smith with showpiece

Anthony Smith won the Us Pastry Competition

Anthony Smith is the pastry chief executive at The Cosmopolitan Club, a private social club in the East Side of New York. There, he is in charge of creating sugar and chocolate pieces, as well as personalized cakes for all kind of events. And now, to his several prizes won all along his career, he can add this prestigious one, awarded by the organizer Paris Gourmet.

Those who qualified after Smith were Daniele Keadle, from Grand Hyatt in San Antonio, Texas, and Ashley Alioto, pastry advisor in New York.

The validity of this competition, after nearly a quarter of century, is highly related to the involvement of the aforementioned organizer company, the collaboration of the magnificent jury -among whose members there were some of the winners of former editions-, the hard work of volunteers, students and professors at the New York City College of Technology and the support of the Société Culinaire Philanthropique. A great family that keep illusion high and that have already started working looking ahead to the next edition, the twenty-fourth one, for which the dates have already been chosen, March 3rd 2013, as well as the main theme for it:  ‘Women’.

Anthony Smith - Dragon HeadAnthony Smith - CakeDaniele Keadle - Head