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Stéphane Glacier is not in vogue

March 19, 2014
Stéphane Glacier is not in vogue
Alberto Ruiz

In a world of social networks, software and fast-moving images, Stéphane Glacier shows that you can still learn from books. “I endeavour to offer you simple ideas and clear recipes that are easy to implement, yet original and appealing enough to help you diversify your range and please your clients.” This is how this MOF Pâtissier introduces his latest book, “Petits gâteaux, tarts & entremets throughout the seasons” produced in collaboration with his fellow pastry chef Jérôme Le Teuff.

The book begins with small cakes then later focuses on tarts and family size creations, all of them organised by the seasons, which act as the unifying theme. Chef Glacier thus reaffirms his commitment to seasonal products, for fresh pastry and for the simplicity of the process and formation of each creation.

This philosophy is in line with current trends: the value of simplicity. But it is fair to say that what counts as fashionable for some these days, for others (including the author of this book) it is simply his professional identity, his knowledge, everything he has learned and taught throughout his long career, and nothing more. Stéphane Glacier is not in fashion now. He was already in fashion long before.