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Nicolas Haelewyn, the new pastry chef at Maison Ladurée


September 22, 2020
Ana Rodríguez
Nicolas Haelewyn, the new pastry chef at Maison Ladurée

Ladurée announces a new pastry chef this fall: Nicolas Haelewyn. A young man who is closely related to the Maison. For nine years he transmitted the savoir faire of the brand to the Middle East, Asia, Europe, and the United States.

Haelewyn’s vocation dates back to his childhood, to tea at his grandmother’s house, to his uncle’s bakery, and to his cousin’s pastry shop. In 2007, he joined Ladurée, studied under the orders of the pastry chef Philippe Andrieu, and started a dozen creative laboratories internationally until he launched his own business in 2016: Karamel. In 2020, the Norman chef returns to Ladurée as a pastry chef replacing Claire Heitzler.

Haelewyn makes his debut in office with the presentation of five new creations in which he wants to revisit the classics by adding a touch of mischief to awaken the taste buds: Pavlova fruits noirs, Pavlova fruits noirs Version charbon végétal, Comme une gaufre chocolat orange, Comme une gaufre noisette, and Paris-Brest figues et amandes.

Since its inauguration in 1862, Ladurée has not stopped innovating in the field of desserts. Here the repertoire of French classics (macarons, éclairs, Saint-Honoré…) have been reinvented over the years, offering original combinations of flavors, shapes, and colors.