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La Seca reopens its doors at the arrival of the good weather

June 26, 2014
Luis Concepción
La Seca reopens its doors at the arrival of the good weather

The terraced bar and restaurant of La Seca (Espai Joan Brossa), the new location for Hofmann in Barcelona, opens its doors for the second consecutive year, now that the good weather has arrived. It is the place where Eric Ortuño and his pastry students at the Hofmann School of Hospitality unleash their imagination to create a more informal selection of ice creams and pastries. Fun, a mixing together of the prestigious pastries from the Hofmann Pâtisserie with ice cream, and constant innovation are the consistent elements present within this space.

These elements form part of an innovative menu of products such as ice lollies with alcohol, ice cream tulips and fun concepts such as blending croissant dough with ice cream, and, more recently, chocolate sardines filled with chocolate ice cream.

The splendid terrace reopens its doors in a place with a great deal of history. Espai Brossa is a centre for the experimental art scence, an important venue in the cultural life of the city. The building is situated on Flassaders street, very close to the Picasso Museum and the Hofmann Pâtisserie.