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La Fabrique Givrée takes Glace-tronomie a step further

May 24, 2016
Luis Concepción
La Fabrique Givrée takes Glace-tronomie a step further

The trio which heads the young and fresh French ice cream parlor, La Fabrique Givrée (so good #14), has proposed renewing the traditional French ice cream cup from head to toe. This current campaign is accompanied by a core idea behind pastry chef Jérémie Runel and friends’ new proposals: Glace-tronomie, which accompanies the trajectory of this ice cream shop since its opening. The goal is to give a gastronomic air and greater gustatory complexity to plated ice cream cups. Following this line, this year they presented the GinFreeze cup, which was inspired by the most modern mixology and consists of grapefruit sorbet and Nepalese Timut pepper, lemon and basil sorbet, crisp tuile biscuit, candied grapefruit rinds, citrus slices, and gin sauce. He also launches a gourmand reinterpretation of the famous Mont Blanc cake, based on marron glacé (chestnut comfit) from Ardèche, marron foam, Bora Bora vanilla ice cream, crunchy meringue, cassis comfit and marron spaghetti; as well as the Titanic, another plated ice cream cup with lemon-mint-ginger sorbet, raspberry and currant sorbet, fresh raspberries and raspberry juice.

Also within the Glace-tronomie as a concept, one of the formats that most characterize La Fabrique Givrée are the jars (verrines) of ice cream. Conceptually closer to dessert in composition of flavors and textures than ripple ice cream, Runel suggested the Barjot line for this campaign, fun ice cream in jars of yogurt. The line consists of three creations: Carahuète (peanut cake, iced tonka mousse, vanilla caramel mou, and caramel ice cream); Devilish Vergel, a combination of vineyard peach comfit, white peach and fresh verbena sorbet, hazelnut cake, and raspberry and currant sorbet; and finally Hysterical Green with apple and basil comfit, apple juice sorbet, shortbread, and lemon and basil sorbet.

The Fabrique Givrée has three ice cream parlors located in Lyon, Aubenas and Uzès, and a central workshop and direct selling point in the heart of the Rhone Valley in Tournon. The ice creams, which are light and sweet, are made with fresh milk from the mountains of Ardèche; water from the Reine des Basaltes area, also in Ardèche, is used for the sorbets. Now they plan to open a new shop in Provence.